Hi my name is Alex and I have a quick question; are you looking to feel more confident about your financial decisions?

I ask is because several social workers I've spoken with lately have concern about whether or not they're saving enough money, and if their current plan is going to allow them to live comfortably when they reach retirement. I’m finding many people today aren’t 100% sure of what their assets are or if they’re taking full advantage of their available benefits.

I am the creator of the Empower Financial Guide. I started my career in personal finance in 2009 and quickly found my niche helping social workers who spend their careers helping others. I work primarily with social workers and mental health professionals to help them organize their finances, protect their wealth, understand their retirement options, and prepare for their future. The pandemic has caused a lot of people to question their current financial situation, which is why I created the Empower Financial Guide. This guide helps social workers quickly implement a plan of action so they can reduce stress and strive toward a worry-free future.

I implement a 15-minute strategy session to help social workers wrap their minds around their finances and thrive in the new normal. The session is interactive, fun, and most importantly, incorporates real, actionable guidance that any social worker can use to find financial success. 

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